Fenzi Dog Sport Academy Camp

June 19-22 was Fenzi Dog Sport Camp (www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com) at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO. I attended in a working spot with Taylor, Strudel (the aussie), her three puppies and Lexi. Since Taylor was pregnant she participated in labs on heeling and reinforcement specific markers (all requiring only flat work). Strudel was involved in the agility labs on distance, collection and tight turns as well as a private lesson with Loretta Mueller. Lexi participated in obedience games and had a private session with Amy Cook. Even baby Lava (12.5 weeks) participated in a Tricks workshop led by Deb Jones.

In the evenings we had social events, puppy playtime at the RV and one night there was even dock diving. The aussie puppies participated in the dock diving while the older dogs rested up from their busy days.

I have to say this camp is one of my favorite dog events I do all year. The atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is encouraging, they are respectful of dogs and handler teams and give you space walking, the instructors meet you where you are in your journey and help you see where you can be. Training is all positive and some of the highest quality I have ever seen. Handlers are aware of their dogs and what they need to be successful. Nobody pushes their dog to do something they aren’t prepared for and the auditors are ready to cheer you along as you work. No matter what level of training you have experienced you will come away with rejuvenated goals and drive to train your dog. The energy is just simply amazing. Next year camp is in Oregon and I am trying to figure out how to get there from VA! 2018 will be back on the East Coast – YAY!

I am so very pleased with all the dogs I took. Taylor who is always my willing partner worked and gave great effort even though she was blimp sized. That girl loves to heel and work! We had such fun with Hannah in our heeling lab. Strudel showed me that if I can be an even better handler for her she can be an agility star. We learned about handling the line and giving clear body signals and of course pointing our ‘parts’ the right way! Lexi worked in a group class on obedience games. She had great mommy focus and worked wonderfully on her recalls, setups and spin/twist while heeling. This was her first camp and I was proud of her showing off her ‘skills’. Little Lava participated in tricks where we started shaping a ‘wave’ trick. Carmine and Merlot also came in the building and practiced walking around the venue and being in the crate. All three pups practiced laying on the mat and being settled. They met lots of new humans and observed a variety of dog breeds.

I enjoyed time with my FDSA buddies and talking dog training for 3.5 days. I can’t wait until I can attend another camp! I highly recommend FDSA classes to any of my puppy homes and all my friends. It is truly a great way to learn dog training no matter where you are located!


FDSA4084 FDSA4259 FDSA4279 FDSA4295

Barn Hunt Nationals

Rascal and Lexi both went to Barn Hunt Association Nationals. There were 3 Boston Terriers in attendance. Lexi qualified for finals! She qualified 3rd in her height in Round 1 (3/25) and Q’d in Round 2 (8/25). After 2 rounds she was in the top 50 out of the 108 teams entered. She is the first Boston Terrier to qualify for finals at this Grand National Event! I am so proud of this girl for working it the last two days. Rascal also Q’d in his first run 8/25 but day 2 I was too slow helping him and we ran out of time before calling our 2nd rat. He still almost made finals from his great run yesterday! Lexi missed one rat in Round 3 but finished strong in round 4 completing her first Master level course. She was 34th overall (108 teams entered) and Rascal was 53rd! So proud of my teammates for finishing in the top half! Enjoy some of our photos!

IMG_0029 IMG_0197 IMG_2515 IMG_2516 IMG_3757 IMG_2358 IMG_4370 IMG_4351 IMG_4344 IMG_3787 IMG_4045 IMG_4022 IMG_3767

Thanks to Pawsitive Impressions for the photos!

Boston Terrier Nationals

The dogs did well at BTCA Nationals in May. We traveled to PA and competed in rally, obedience, agility and conformation. Melody and Lexi earned their Rally Novice titles with outstanding scores and the other dogs did great in their events as well.


Melody RN

New web site!

Lexi puppyAfter much work, our new site is up and running! We are excited to be able to offer more features and information on this site than previously able and for it to be mobile and tablet friendly! What better way to celebrate a new year and new puppies than with a new site? I hope you enjoy looking around our little part of the web!