About Riot

Riot Bostons was born in Virginia in 2007 when I got my first Boston, Rio.  She was entrusted to me by Adrienne of Kayas Bostons.  I had never owned a show dog.  I had never really even heard of dog shows other than watching on TV during holiday events.  Adrienne was my neighbor and friend and she knew I adored her dogs.  When she had a litter of pups she proposed that I take one on co-ownership and learn to show it so that she could be used for breeding down the road.  Since I will try just about anything once I agreed and the maddness began!

We soon decided that conformation and “Princess” Rio were not going to work out, so I decided to focus my attention on any other dog sports I wanted.  I soon started training in AKC Rally Obedience, Obedience and finally Agility.  That was when I caught the dog sport fever for sure!

In 2009 Rio was bred to, Tux (CH Hobet’s Formal Edition of Kayas). They had 3 healthy babies who all decided that living away from me was just no fun (okay I couldn’t give them up).  All three pups ended up staying ‘home’ and are all still here today.  Jones (our first AKC BBE CH and eventually GCH) lived with and was shown in conformation by Adrienne until he finished his Championship and then he returned ‘home’ with his brother and sister to play Rally and Agility and to finish his AKC GCH with me.

I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and I breed to the American Kennel Club’s Breed Standard for Boston Terriers as approved by our parent club, the Boston Terrier Club of America.

I mainly do performance events but also show in conformation as well.  I believe in producing sound dogs who can not only be wonderful companions but also structurally correct, intelligent and willing athletes.  I do not breed for ‘extremes’ but adhere to the ‘moderate’ standards.  I don’t often have litters, but I health test all of my dogs to track the long term health of my program and also as continued clearance for them to participate in the sports they love so much.  We test patellas, BAER (hearing) and CAER (eyes) as well as hearts.  I also DNA test every puppy I breed for the juvenile cataracts gene.

My Bostons are fed a diet consisting of kibble and raw. We primarily feed Pro Plan Sport kibble (rotating proteins) as well as pre-made raw, ground meat, fresh eggs and grocery/farmers market meat with bone . Puppies are weaned to raw turkey, beef, canned salmon with inclusion, cooked meals and Purina Pro Plan puppy kibble so that puppies learn to eat and tolerate a variety of foods and textures before leaving for their new homes. Puppies are also raised in an enriching environment designed to help socialize them and prepare them for their future homes.

I do not ship puppies to homes.  I require that I meet you and your family before any puppy can live with you.  My puppies are my children and although I wish I could keep every single one my goal is to find them the BEST forever homes out there where they will be loved and spoiled rotten 🙂  Puppies are not gifts, they are a commitment… they are your best friends and companions.  Whether they are your travel buddy, bed buddy, agility partner, therapy dog or the next Top Boston my dogs are expected to be members of the family.  They sleep in my bed at night, they cuddle on my lap on the couch.  They are crate trained for potty training and for behavior when we travel to shows or for when I am not home (Bostons are super smart alone – a pack will take over the world if they can!). They don’t ever live outside in kennels or runs.  That is my expectation of every home a puppy goes to… that they will be a treasured member of the family everyday of their life.

I hope you enjoy learning more about my dogs.